By registering with The BBB Talent Agency, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Data Protection

The BBB Talent Agency will maintain all data provided by artistes in accordance with requirements and principles of the Data protection Act 1998 Chapter 29.

Commission and Fee Structure

20% commission is due to The BBB Talent Agency on any professional work obtained directly or indirectly through any introduction via Beautiful Bearded Bastards. Beautiful Bearded Bastards endeavours to pay the artist within seven working days of receipt of correct payment from the client. Payments to artists will only be made once the corresponding payments from the client are received and cleared through the Beautiful Bearded Bastards client account. The BBB Talent Agency does not accept liability for bankrupt or defaulting clients who owe fees to artists, although every attempt possible will be made by The BBB Talent Agency to recover your money.  Payments made to The BBB Talent Agency may not necessarily be paid in the order in which your jobs were completed. Should you not fulfil, or be late for any booking, you shall be responsible for any waiting time or fees incurred. Should you fail to turn up for a booking without giving prior notice and without good reason, your name may be removed from the The BBB Talent Agency database with no prior notice.

You are required to fill in your release form whether it is an electronic chit or a hard copy, dependent on the Client’s preference.  It is really important that all the boxes are filled in.  On the day of work please make sure that you sign out and should you have queries about your grade or hours worked please raise these with the 2nd Assistant Director before you agree to what’s on the release form.  All rates quoted to Artists are quoted before any deductions are taken.  Deductions can include but are not limited to; commission, agency fees and national insurance (if applicable).  Please make sure your Agent’s name is on the sign out sheets (The BBB Talent Agency as failure to fill in the timesheet will result in a delayed payment.  The BBB Talent Agency pay through the BACS system direct into the Artists’ bank account.  A good log of your accounts and timesheets are visible in your dashboard when you login in.   The BBB Talent Agency will always try to answer any questions about fees due to you.  Should you fail to receive payment after a reasonable period, please inform us immediately.  We may ask you to have any dates and details ready before contacting us.  Please allow between 30 days for payment to reach your account. We must wait until the production company has made payment to us before we can transfer money to you. If the payment goes over the term, then we will chase the client on your behalf.  The agency fee is 18% of the work we find for the Artist.

There are no joining/ membership fees to join our agency.

JUST A VERY STRICT CODE OF CONDUCT. you will receive and agree to on your profile going live.

Photo and Copyright

The BBB Talent Agency offers the Artist the chance to obtain professional marketing material for their profile by offering 6 subsidised photos for a fee of £30.  A £10 deposit is required to book in for the shoot and the remainder is paid cash on the day of the shoot.  Once the photos are paid for and added to the Artists profile they can use them for personal use, but not commercial.  In buying the photos the Artists will own the copyright.


Information provided on the The BBB Talent Agency registration form may be entered onto the The BBB Talent Agency database and your pictures may be used for The BBB Talent Agency marketing material.

Supporting Artist Duties and Responsibilities

If you accept a booking, we will expect you to attend.  If for a specific reason you cannot attend, you must inform The BBB Talent Agency immediately so that we can inform the client and if necessary replace you.  We require a minimum of 24 hours-notice.  When accepting a booking from us you must contact us the day before to get your call time (preferably between 5pm and 7pm) although you may receive calls outside of these times.  Please acknowledge immediately any messages left for you by The BBB Talent Agency relating to work from us.  Please keep a record of all bookings with dates, times, companies, hours worked etc as you may need it to reference for accounts/ locations etc.  Please arrive early for work. If you are going to be late, please contact The BBB Talent Agency immediately to advise us of your estimated time of arrival, so that we may inform the production company.  Please keep your profile up to date with your body measurements and let us know of any changes to those or any major changes to your appearance.

By registering with The BBB Talent Agency you understand and agree that you are not an employee of The BBB Talent Agency.

You agree that you are liable for your own Tax and National Insurance as a self-employed person unless agreed otherwise.


Press and Publicity

Any publicity resulting from a booking must be discussed with The BBB Talent Agency first.  The artist is reminded that script and project confidentiality is vital and that you must not disclose information about any character or project or commercial without prior permission from The BBB Talent Agency, the Production company and/or Advertising Agency.

The BBB Talent Agency expect our Artists to maintain a professional standard at all times in accordance to our community Code of Conduct agreement.

The BBB Talent Agency reserve the right to remove Artists from our register at any time.

Iain Wilkie , Key Account Managers & Partners, The BBB Talent Agency.